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Beer Fridge is proudly born & brewed in Bellingham

Delivering exceptional craft beer from our fridge to yours


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About Us

Beer Fridge is a Bellingham based start-up that ships curated boxes of unique craft beer direct to your doorstep helping beer fans discover new breweries and styles in a convenient subscription or as a gift. 


We are inspired by the unique and powerful stories of local breweries, their products, and their important impact in local communities all around the country! Our mission is to connect craft beer fans to those stories and products so that they can discover new breweries and beers every time they open their beer fridge. 


Our beer boxes feature a curated selection of hand-picked beers based on the style you want to try each month. Our inventory is constantly changing so each month, subscribers will try a variety of new beers featuring new breweries.

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Founders Story


In the city of subdued excitement, big ideas are always brewing. Beer Fridge was born on the back of a napkin at a local brewery in Bellingham, WA when founders Travis & Jake realized how challenging it was for local breweries to share their unique story and products to out of area fans. Meanwhile, they saw craft beer fans wanting more convenient access to the exceptional and ever-changing selection of craft beer being produced by awesome local breweries that aren’t available in their local grocery stores and gas stations. 


After a few more cold ones and over a year of late nights and long weekends spent planning, organizing, and building the business, Beer Fridge was formed in 2021 and will begin shipping suds in 2022.  Soon, beer fans all over will be able to explore exclusive craft beer from local independent breweries both big and small in a convenient monthly subscription or as a gift. 

Travis Kane | Co-Founder 

Born & raised in the mini brewery mecca of Bellingham WA, Travis has always been inspired by the craft beer scene. After college, he jump started his career in business and marketing with a leading national multimedia company. After years of successfully helping other businesses grow and succeed, Travis decided to apply his skill sets and experience to growing his own business. When he’s not at our warehouse packing boxes full of amazing beer, he’s hanging out with his wife and two awesome kids soaking up all the town of Bellingham has to offer.

Jake Bassett | Co-Founder 

Growing up in the hoppiest state of the U.S. just south of Seattle, WA, Jake started exploring the world of craft beer after college and fell in love with the community of artists, craftsmen, and entrepreneurs behind the scene. His own entrepreneurial spirit started his career off early in digital marketing and e-commerce. After crossing professional paths with Travis, it wasn't long before a new business idea began brewing and Beer Fridge was born. Jake lives in Bellingham with his wife and daughter where you’ll find them hiking, biking, or taste-testing products for your boxes!